About Us at alvieva.com

Who We Are:

ALVIEVA is not just a store it is an international fashion brand too, which is run by a international fashion designer whose design attires in Miss Universe 2015, 2016 and 2017. He was a chief fashion designer in a garments export house before 2000 and on April, 2000 he decided to create his own fashion brand to expand his creativity for his honorable customers in the globe.

Before come in online store he ran his brand through showroom and now he created this online store with goals of taking million of the best products from thousand of vendors around the world as well as his own collections. We are offering them all on one great store.

This is how ALVIEVA was born. We wanted people to have a store they could trust to bring them a wide variety of options at a fair price with an easily navigable website.

What We Are Now:

When established in April of 2000 we offered a collection of less than thousand
products. Over the last few year we have looked all over the world for the best products and gradually increased our collection. Now we've approached millions of products. We truly believe there is something for everyone at ALVIEVA.

Goals We Have Aimed:

Here at ALVIEVA we aim to be a company that can help others and not be passive when we see problems around us. We have in the past and plan to continue to make charitable actions and donations when possible. We have made contributions to the various charity in the past and we plan to assist many charitable organizations in the future as we grow.

Our Future Goals:

We have big goals and we encourage you to have big goals also. If we dream
big the sky is the limit. We hope that one day ALVIEVA is a household name and
will be a popular brand for millions of people around the world to find high quality and
affordable options for their fashion taste. We thank you for your support and we
believe the future is bright.